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  • Automobile Window Motor Assembly Machine HMZZ1000A


    The HMZZ1000A realizes the automatic assembly of rotors, pads (x2), small housings, worm and large housings, spindle knurling, detection of flexual centers, measuring motor gaps, and magnetizing.

    1. Process completed: Assembling motors automatically, knurling, detecting flexual centers, and measuring gaps

    2. Operating mode: Cylinder and jig; large motor and knurling tool for knurling

    3. Feeding manner: Rotors manually placed on a material track, small housings manually put a conveyor belt, large housings from a material tray, and pads and worms from a vibration plate

    4. Discharging manner: Accepted products via a conveyer belt, defective products via a slideway

    5. Efficiency: 900/h

    6. Power supply: AC 220Vm, 50 Hz

    7. Atmospheric pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MP

    8.Control manner: Touch screen

    9. Manpower: 3 persons

    10. External dimension: 4400 (L) x 1280 (W) x 1680 (H) mm