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  • Inward Winding Machine HMJX8000B


    The HMJX8000B is controlled by a Panasonic PLC, with the X, Y, Z and S spindles cooperating in winding terminals and putting through wires, of which the S, Z and X spindles cooperate in winding and displacing wires. To the standard product, the leaving of wire heads and wire ends and putting through of wires are realized by a mechanism on the same side (a 45° mechanism can be selected), and they are performed opposite to stators. Wire heads and wire ends can be winded onto terminals directly or left. You can change products only by replacing the component base and calling program. The HMJX8000B is suitable for single-groove inward winding products.

    1.  Process completed: Use on four products simultaneously

    2.  Suitable stator size: Outer diameter < f95, inner diameter > f10, total height < 100 mm

    3.  Suitable outer diameter of wire: f0.1 ~ f0.8 (realized by different tensioners)

    4.  Winding manner: X, Y, and Z spindles cooperating in winding terminals, and S, Z and X spindles cooperating in winding and displacing wires

    5.  Displacing wire: Supported

    6.  Wire-head and wire-end processing: Automatic

    7.  Manner of material loading/unloading: Manual

    8.  Winding speed: Maximum 700r/mm, related to product dimension and outer diameter of wire, exact speed varies with different products

    9.  Power supply: Three-phase, AC 380V, 50Hz, 13KW

    10. Atmospheric pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7 MPa

    1. External dimension:  1500 (L) x 1200 (W) x 1700 (H) mm