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  • Automatic Rotor Production Line


    The production line is widely applied to the automatic production of rotors of DC motors. The main equipment of the line includes a rotor feeding machine, an automatic wire winding machine, a spot welder, a rotor tester, a precision turning machine, and automatic assembling machines for copper rings and mesons. The workstation of rotors conveying can be customized according to users' actual needs for process technology. Intelligent control is adopted in the equipment and conveyer belts in all procedures and it can identify the processing status of workpieces, realizing automatic production without manual operation.

    No.      Function        Characteristic

    1.    Input voltage     AC380V, 50HZ

    2.    Operating voltage   0.5 ~ 0.7 mp

    3.    Suitable models: 130, 260, 365, 385, 550 and 555

    4.    Production efficiency: 1000 ~ 1200 pcs/H

    5.    External dimension: 11000 (L) x 1700 (W) x 1500 (H) mm

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